Lisa in the Envelop Coat

 Jacquard Envelop Coat on Lisa


When I wrap this coat around me, I feel embraced.

Lisa Smith

Rite of Passage friend and fellow textile artist Lisa Smith models our latest collection and the Jacquard Envelop Coat, winner of a 2023 Made in the South Award from Garden & Gun. We chatted with Lisa about her connection to textiles, inspirations, and local favorites.



Lisa, tell us a little bit about you and your connection to textiles.

I am an artist and family lover! I create POEM CROWN textile patterns to share what happiness and beauty mean to me. I focus on making pillowcases because each person spends many hours sleeping. The pattern near one sleeping is a dear and intimate place.


What are your favorite places to eat and drink in Asheville?

Corn tortilla tacos Americana and Panela at a Taco Temple picnic table in winter, spring, summer, and fall! I also love the small batch NC ciders at Botanist & Barrel. Their "That's How The Light Gets In" is a favorite!


What has inspired you recently?

I recently attended Willie Nelson's outdoor performance at the wonderful Rabbit Rabbit in Asheville. Most of his concert was his audience singing his songs back to him. I also love Taylor Swift's bountiful marathon Eras Tour film— human brilliance and joy. Thankful to both for their generous musical gifts!


What are some of your other joys or creations?

I express myself with a favorite Le Creuset slow-cook beef stew at the kitchen table. I love to share homemade granola in wide mason jars, dog-walk conversations, and to see family and friends as the glowing gem lights they are. I also love splitting wood.




The Jacquard Envelop Coat is a winner of a 2023 Made in the South Award from Garden & Gun magazine. Read more.