DREAM DAY, Part 2: Tarelton Walmsley

DREAM DAYS is a series in collaboration with Laura Woods Studio.  We've asked friends and colleagues to take us on a "dream day" in their community while wearing our clothing and jewelry.   

This dream day follows Tarleton Walmsley, co-owner of Garden Party a cannabis lifestyle boutique in Asheville, NC. In addition to being a tastemaker among us with her keen eye for design and products for everyday wellness she is also a founding board member of Legalize Appalachia. Tarleton accepted our invitation to take us on her DREAM DAY in Asheville and she did not disappoint! A morning at Pollen followed by a jolt of inspiration at Black Mountain College Museum and cocktail hour at Neng Jr.’s is as five starts as it gets! Please enjoy our DREAM DAY!

First Stop - Pollen Coffee + Flower Shop

Our dream day began at Pollen where we were greeted with a sun filled space full of color and plant life. We treated ourselves to an iced strawberry matcha and signature bouquet while chatting it up with familiar locals. 

Tarleton ordering and chatting with friends at Pollen in the organza Meridian Dress
paired with LWS Draped Hoops.

Q: Why is supporting LOCAL a core value of yours?

T: “Putting money and tax dollars into our community of independent business owners and entrepreneurs is essential to keep our city connected, creative and thriving.  It's important to me to have a personal relationship with the people who make the things I buy, to support them and their families.”

Tarleton sipping her matching Strawberry Matcha Latte from Pollen, in the organza Meridian Dress and the Sculptural Stack ring.

Next Stop - Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center 

Tarelton’s Dream Day also includes a trip to Black Mountain College Museum’s reading room.  An amazing resource in our community, where we can continue to be inspired by the progressive thought-leaders of Black Mountain College (1933-1957) located just outside Asheville.   

Tarelton in front of her beloved stacks wearing the Organza Meridian Dress and Bauhaus Plaid Envelop Cardigan with LWS Double Lace Earring and Open Weave Sculptural ring in chartreuse. 

Q: Tell us a little bit more about your personal styles?  

T: It’s funny, as I’m embracing my 40’s era, I’ve gotten more expressive and experimental with what I wear.  I’m picking stronger colors - like this hot pink slip and lime green earrings!  Trying new things makes me feel renewed and alive!  I always want to feel comfy, but also put together. The positive side of social media has been watching plus-size influencers change the conversation for plus-size people.  I finally have positive role models that have a diversity of style that I can relate to!

Kicking back for a quiet chat in the BMAC library.  Tarelton wearing the Organza Meridian Dress, the Envelop Cardigan and LWS Double Lace Earring in Charteuse.

Last Stop - Neng Jr.’s 

When Tarleton envisioned her Dream Day, she knew it must conclude with a visit to Neng Jr's. Located in West Asheville, Neng's is Tarleton's favorite place to dress up and feel a little fancy while enjoying Filipinix food and fare. With cocktail in hand and adobo oysters sitting pretty on a plate, Tarleton is ready to enjoy a meal with friends--decidedly one of the best parts of any Dream Day. 

Perusing the menu at Neng Jrs the Organza Meridian Dress and slip along with 
LWS Draped Hoop, Large and Petite Sculptural Stack ring in Poppy 

Q: Can you describe your curatorial style for Garden Party?

T: I’m excited about creating a full-body experience for my customers who may or may not choose to heighten those experiences with cannabis. I like to choose products for the shop that integrate design and wellness - good design makes me feel good and brings me so much joy!

Join us at our
April 13-14, 2024
240 Clingman Ave Ext
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