Part 1: Luisa Yen

Luisa Yen is ready. She’s prepared for wherever life takes her, whether that’s a embarking on a meditation retreat in Egypt or climbing a precarious ladder for a spontaneous rooftop photo op.

We met Luisa a few months back and immediately connected with her vibrant personality and energetic style. She's been a super-fan of both of our small businesses and is a delight to spend time with. Naturally, we thought of her *immediately* when first beginning to plan the Dream Days project.

So, we invited Luisa to join us for her “dream day” in Asheville. We'd spend the day visiting her favorite places in Asheville and doing her dreamiest activities, all while wearing Rite of Passage and Laura Wood Studios. It's no surprise that as PR Manager for Explore Asheville (Buncombe County's Tourism Development Authority), this woman has her spots dialed in.

First on her list, retail therapy at Marquee. Luisa loves the diversity and hidden gems she finds here. Having woven her own foraging baskets and thrown her own pots, she fully appreciates the commitment to craftsmanship in our community.


Luisa at the Togar Rugs booth at Marquee

After browsing at Marquee, we sought salvation at High Climate Tea--a real local’s sanctuary in the middle of downtown Asheville. The ethereal space met intimate conversations of love and relationships. Intentions were revealed, and friendships were forged. 


Luisa at the High Climate Tea

Next, a walk in the peacefulness of nature and soaking in the day’s inspiration. Luisa likes to end her days with a walk at Beaver Lake in North Asheville. Solitude is an essential contrast to her extroverted professional life. She lives the best of both worlds, and doesn’t ever need to choose between them. 


Luisa at Laura Wood Studios

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